Why America’s kids are hip to BLM and LGBT but are failing ABC and 123

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  • Source: Fox News
  • 02/12/2024
Did you know the first full week of February is the celebration of "Black Lives Matter Week of Action" in many public schools?  

It’s puzzling to consider why public schools – whose responsibility is to serve the taxpayers by educating children in academics and citizenship – would set aside an entire week to promote an organization that boldly claimed it, "Disrupts the Western prescribed nuclear family structure," and inspires young people to riot. But since I was a public school teacher for 28 years, I know exactly why America’s schools have lost their mission to educate.    

The reason? Unions, pure and simple. 

In fact, so-called teachers unions helped start BLM. I know this because they bragged about it on the front cover of a magazine they used to force on my husband when he was a professor at a state-run university.  
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