Stanford now has 177 DEI employees, research finds

Stanford University now employs at least 177 people — a mix of scholars and staffers — dedicated to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, a tally that does not even include employees working in the elite institution’s Title IX office.

The latest tally represents an increase of nearly 100 employees in the span of three years, as research by the Heritage Foundation put the number of Stanford DEI staffers at 80 in 2021.

The list of 177 employees was compiled by an anonymous researcher and first reported on by conservative education activist Christopher Rufo, who provided the data to The College Fix upon request.

“Given Stanford’s current trajectory, DEI will likely keep growing. At each step, it will degrade the quality of scholarship and academic rigor,” Rufo wrote in City Journal in late April.
Stanford University by Ye Lin Wai is licensed under Unsplash