NYC schools to introduce AI-powered teaching assistant into classrooms, despite concerns of tech's left-leaning bias

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  • Source: TheBlaze
  • 09/25/2023
After initially banning the use of ChatGPT, the New York City Department of Education confirmed during a Thursday City Council meeting plans to be a "global leader" in bringing generative artificial intelligence into the classroom, the New York Post reported.

In January, New York City Public Schools briefly banned the use of AI but reversed course last month. The school system announced it would partner with Microsoft to develop a custom AI-powered teaching assistant to provide students with "real-time feedback and answer questions."

Maud Maron, co-president of Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education NYC, an organization dedicated to ensuring quality education, warned that ChatGPT and other AI tools are biased. Maron also expressed concerns about over-reliance. "It's heavily biased, so kids should not be using AI for information gathering because there's a very ... liberal slant," Maron told the New York Post. "It's like going to Wikipedia as a source of information. It's not the ... Encyclopedia Britannica that I grew up with. It's people's point of views and perspectives and, of course, has a bias."
Chat GPT by Emiliano Vittoriosi is licensed under Unsplash