NC State remains quiet two months after alleged racial slur at basketball game

A racial slur investigation remains under wraps a full two months after the first allegations were levied by the University of North Carolina women’s basketball team after a game at North Carolina State University.

North Carolina State University and UNC officials did not provide details on the investigation despite emails and phone calls from The College Fix in the past three weeks.

The College Fix contacted Associate Athletics Director for Communications Annabelle Myers, who provided limited comments to The Fix’s initial inquiry last month, to ask about the status of the investigation and when the results could be expected.

Myers did not offer any updates and instead referred The Fix to Fred Hartman, the assistant vice chancellor for university communications. The Fix followed up with Hartman but he did not respond to similar questions sent in multiple inquiries within the past three weeks.
Basketball – Shot 2-Points by Markus Spiske is licensed under Unsplash